Soften Your Nasolabial Folds with These Simple Facial Exercises

We’ve all been there. You’re in your mid-thirties and wake up one morning to creases along your Nasolabial folds, those curved lines that run from each side of your nose to the outer edge of your lips. It’s not a sight anyone is happy to see, but thankfully there are some very effective solutions.

We know what you are probably thinking right now, but don’t worry: You won’t need to go under the knife or empty out your bank account! All you need to do is set aside some time to relax and exercise those muscles. Yes, it’s that easy, you won’t even need to buy moisturizing creams.


Pucker Up!

First things first, find a cozy and peaceful spot in your home. (You can also do this at work.) Sit back with your head looking up at the ceiling. Pucker up those lips and kiss the sky remembering to hold the position for 15 seconds. Do four repetitions twice a day and you are good to go.

The Pout!

Forget what you told your young kids about pouting. Pouting is another effective exercise in the battle to stay young. Experts suggest getting your pout on while you stretch the sides of your mouth and pull them towards your ears with your index and middle fingers. Do this for ten times at ten seconds each.

Silly Faces

Remember how your mom used to tell you to stop making silly faces because your face would freeze that way? Turns out she was on to something. Another simple exercise is using your index fingers to stretch the corners of your mouth. Hold and then pull your fingers closer together. Repeat this exercise 25 – 50 times a day.

Complementary procedures to treat Nasolabial folds

For marvelous results, try complementary procedures like Botox or Dysport along with your Nasolabial exercises, these injectables are a non-surgical treatment that have been proven to fight the signs of aging. A Botox treatment coupled with daily exercises for your Nasolabial folds will turn back the clock and give your face that fresh and youthful look you long for.

For best results seek out the advice of an injectables artist specialist in your area. Because everyone’s skin is different, getting started on the most optimal treatment early on will help you turn your fight against aging into a walk in the park.

We love to make people look and feel beautiful, and we will help you get started on your beauty regimen today. Please join the conversation in the comments section below or contact one of our experts if you need further information.