Skin Rejuvenation Tips For The Busy Woman

Whoever said you’re only as old as you feel… Is absolutely right! You would be surprised to see how many young women suffer from dry skin, stretch lines and wrinkles way before they should. And it often has to do with lack of skin care.

Knowing that hectic schedules only allow for a few hours of personal care, here are a few easy and highly effective skin rejuvenation tips to bring that youthful look back to your skin.


The Holy Trinity

Cleaning, exfoliating and moisturizing. It is very important to do them all to keep your skin healthy. Some of us make the mistake of ONLY using a daily cleanser, but if pores are clogged up with impurities it won’t be enough. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and allow moisturizers and other products to penetrate skin more effectively and keep it healthy and glowing at all times.

Try homemade skin rejuvenating masks

Homemade masks are great for busy women because 1) Ingredients are easy to find at home, 2) They can be applied at any moment of the day, and 3) They provide quick results. Before applying any home made skin treatments, make sure to know what they’re meant to do.

Here are some easy face masks that provide great results:

To exfoliate

Scrub your face with a mix of cream, brown sugar, ground almonds, vinegar and a tad of olive oil. This mask will remove dead skin cells and leave skin looking smooth and glowing.

To fight acne

Acne is caused by bacteria, so the best way to treat it is by using antiseptic masks. Try boiling basil leafs to get an antiseptic tonic you can store and apply regularly with a cotton ball.

To clear dark spots and stains

Mix cooked rice, agave nectar and lemon juice and apply it in the affected area with gentle pressure for about two minutes. Always remember to wash your face before leaving the house, as you should never expose yourself to sunlight with lemon residues on your skin to avoid new stains.

To moisturize your skin

Mash a ripe avocado and some honey to make a creamy mask. Apply and relax for a few minutes. Your skin will hydrate and regain elasticity by absorbing the oily components of your mask.

Feed your skin

You are what you eat. Skin rejuvenation tips will be more effective if eat properly. Your eating habits show on your skin, and so does your water intake. Have these tips in mind next time you plan your daily snacks:

a) Dark chocolate has antioxidants, which make your skin glow.
b) Orange and yellow veggies are high in carotenoids and they decrease skin sensitivity to sunlight.
c) Nuts provide your body with antioxidants, vitamin E and omega 3, all of which will keep your skin glowing.
d) Soy contains minerals and proteins that can help your skin tone.
e) Whole grain food is unprocessed and high in fiber, a great composition for a moisturized skin.
f) Water keeps your skin hydrated, providing elasticity and lowering the tendency to develop wrinkles.

Skin care science has developed high quality products aimed at particular skin needs. As well as effective injectables such as Botox and Dysport. But constant skin care is the best way to complement any treatment and prevent aging.

Feel free to share your homemade skin rejuvenation tips with our readers by leaving your comments below, as well as contacting us with any skin concerns or rejuvenation consultations. Remember that a professional opinion is the safest first step to great health.