Botox: How You Can Make It Last Longer?

Botox is the closest thing to the fountain of youth for many of us. It fights the signs of aging and it lets us put our best face forward. But, is there any way we can make its effects last longer?

Let’s be honest, between a 9 to 5 job, squeezing in an exercise routine and running a tight ship at home, not many of us have time to spare. Lucky for us, something’s come along to prolong the effects of Botox injections and keep us looking our best.

Life of a single Botox treatment

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A typical Botox treatment can only last 3 months and, sometimes, take up to a full week to take effect. That’s not very convenient for most of us who are juggling a hectic schedule. With this in mind, Eden Aesthetics developed a pill called Zytaze, which contains high doses of zinc and an enzyme call phytase.

You may be wondering how a little pill that is no more than a vitamin supplement could garner such amazing results. Well, zinc has been used to repair damaged tissue and heal wounds for ages. So, it’s no wonder that it is a great complement to a Botox cosmetic treatment.

Life of a Botox treatment after Zytaze

Zytaze promises to increase the length of time between Botox treatments by 30%.  Patients using Zytaze are prescribed two pills a day for four days before a Botox cosmetic treatment, and another two pills on the day of the procedure.

As stated in the New York Daily News: A clinical trial found that 92 percent of patients reported that the pill prolonged the effects of their Botox treatments as well as helped the drug take effect more quickly. A pack of ten Zytaze pills can range from anywhere between $60 and $80.

Zytaze claims to speed up the healing process accompanied with a Botox treatment.  According to the manufacturers of the pill, an ordinary zinc supplement will not have the same effect because it was not specifically formulated to enhance the life of a Botox injection. For many Botox enthusiasts, Zytaze allows them to continue their treatments while helping them to save money by needing less frequent injections.

Botox NYC

For those of us living in the New York Tri-state area, we are fortunate to have many professional medical spas available to us that offer high-end Botox treatments. These medical spas are run by physicians trained in cosmetic procedures. If you’ve been thinking about trying Botox, there’s no time like the present. Register for your treatment now and receive $50 off your first Botox treatment. It’s on us!